Common Health Problems Of Cats

If you're a new comer to having a cat, you might be surprised to locate that health issues really are a common factor.  Regardless of what variety of cat you have, health issues should be expected.  Some might be hereditary, while some may be easily avoided.


Regardless of what variety of cat it might be, worms are one such and recurring problem.  Tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms are signs that infect cats.  Cats who've problems putting on the weight, issues with fleas, or you find white-colored specks in the stool, you ought to have a veterinarian test him for worms.  Although they may be given medicine, worms can be fatal if they're not treated.


Hairballs are the most typical health condition for cats.  All cats groom themselves every day, normally swallowing the loose hair which comes using their jackets.  Occasionally, this loose hair will gather right into a ball and be lodged within the digestive system rather of passing through inside your cat’s stool.  Whenever your cat begins to cough and hack, he's normally paying a hairball.  Although it may be rather disgusting within the finish, most cats can dislodge hairballs with no problems.

In rare cases, a hairball can go through to some cat’s intestine, developing a blockage.  Blockages are extremely serious problems, and could be existence threatening when they aren’t treated.  In case your cat becomes constipated, isn’t eating correctly, or includes a very dull coat, he will have a blockage.  If you see these signs and symptoms, you need to take him towards the vet immediately.  You are able to prevent hairballs and blockages by brushing your cat two to three occasions per week to get rid of loose hair.  You may also feed him food that is made to control hairballs too.

Urinary system infection

Urinary system infection is another common health condition with cats.  Urinary system infection is much more normal with male cats that haven’t been neutered, although females can are afflicted by this issue too.  Whenever a cat all of a sudden stops likely to his cat litter box, this issue is generally the reason.  Another symptom happens when the cat’s urine begins to smell really strong.  If you think that the cat includes a urinary system infection, you need to take him towards the vet.  A veterinarian can treat the issue with medicine, making recommendations to assist avoid this issue in the future.

Feline leukemia

Previously, feline leukemia was the greatest reason for dying in cats. Nowadays however, you will find vaccines available which can treat the condition.  To deal with the condition, your cat will have to be because of the shot before they're uncovered.  Despite the fact that dying doesn’t happen immediately, cats which are uncovered to feline leukemia normally do not have a lengthy life time.  Knowing your cat has feline leukemia, you shouldn't allow other cats around him, because the virus is extremely contagious.

To safeguard your cat, it is best to make certain that you simply take him towards the vet for his regular examinations.  Should you keep him current on his vaccinations, he should lead a proper and productive existence.  Even though some health issues can’t be prevented, many of them can.  You may also keep the cat inside too, that will safeguard him from most health issues.  In case your cat is definitely an outside cat, regular appointments with the vet could keep him healthy.  As lengthy while you bring your cat towards the vet and him healthy - he'll be your spouse for many years.