Tips For Introducing Cats

When you choose to include a brand new cat to your house, it’s normally more exiting for your family than for that cat you already own.  Although most cats are solitary naturally, most may also arrived at accept or eventually tolerate any additions.  Cats can be quite territorial, and that's why remember to be careful whenever you introduce a brand new cat for your current cat.

If you're presenting kittens to each other, the whole introduction process could be short, lasting less than ten to fifteen days.  Presenting cats to one another will depend on their own temperament as well as their personality.  Whenever you introduce a brand new cat for your current cat, it is best to make certain that you simply provide your current cat lots of attention and love.  By doing this, your cat will feel secure and realize that he isn’t competing together with your new cat for affection.

Tips For Cats

Whenever you take the new cat home, you need to allow him to remain in a secure room til you have finished presenting the cats.  Your safe room could be any small living room, like a bathroom or spare bed room.   The important thing here is by using an area that the current cat doesn’t use.  Within the room, you need to leave your brand-new cat a scratching publish, bed, water dish, cat litter box, and food dish.

Initially, your present cat may howl and hiss as he is the doorway, attempting to tell another cat he doesn’t belong.  At these times you need to neglected, as punishing your cat for his behavior is only going to result in more problems.  Before long, the very first cat will begin to act calm as he is close to the new cat’s door.  Because he begins to act calm, you need to pet him and provide him praise.

Whenever your first cat starts to put into practice your brand-new cat’s door and doesn’t howl or hiss you can begin presenting these to one another.  The easiest method to do that is to buy them accustomed to one anothers scent.  You can begin allowing them to eat from the same food dish, although you’ll wish to feed them at different times initially.  By doing this, the scent of every cat is going to be present in the food dish, and every cat can get the scent as he eats his food.

Once both cats have accustomed to the scent, you can start to give them closer together.  To get this done, you need to keep the new cat within the safe room using the door closed, as well as your first cat on the other hand from the door together with his food dish.  This time around, feed both cats simultaneously.  After carrying this out a couple of occasions, they ought to start eating with no hissing or growling.  At this time, they will be ready to be brought to each other.

Whenever you introduce these to one another within the same room, a little bit of growling and hissing isn't surprising.  Even though they enables you to one anothers scent the first cat will still feel a little awkward together with your new cat finding yourself in his territory.  You need to have fun with both of them initially, to allow them to smell each other and greet in their own individual way. If linked with emotions . fight you need to break them up, and provide them a while apart.

It might take serious amounts of have them fully accustomed to each other, although after they do - they'll become playmates for existence.  Cats enjoy being social, although it might be a little rough initially, specifically for the first cat.  Cats can be quite territorial, particularly if you possess a kitten around.  When you get each of them accustomed to one another in early stages - it will always be simpler to include future cats to your house.